Today in Rock History – June 9

Are you ready to learn some stuff? It’s June 9th and here’s what happened Today in Rock History!

Starting strong for releases today as we got Some Girls from The Rolling Stones in 1978!

On the same day in 1978, Dire Straits released their debut record! We also got The Eternal from Sonic Youth in 2009 and Radiohead’s Hail to the Thief in 2003!

Moving onto birthdays now, we have Jon Lord of Deep Purple, Wes Scantlin of Puddle of Mudd and Matt Bellamy of Muse

It’s also Les Paul’s birthday today. Known as one of the most influential guitarists of all time, Paul was also an inventor who pioneered the use of the solid-body electric guitar with his prototype, called the Log. The Log also served as inspiration for the creation of the Gibson Les Paul. Paul also is credited for his innovations with recording music, an example being overdubbing, delay effects and multitrack recordings.

Bruce Springsteen signed with Columbia Records in 1972

And finally in 2017, Gene Simmons of KISS files a trademark application for the ‘Devil Horns’ hand gesture (aka the sign language sign for “I Love You”) after he claimed to inventing it in 1974. But he would later abandon his trademark attempt after a few weeks, because, like many things Gene claims he’s done first, DIDN’T do the Horns sign first. The first known use was by Beatle John Lennon on the poster for the Yellow Submarine animated film in 1966. The Devil Horns sign that we know, where the thumb is holding the middle and ring fingers down, was used in 1969 for the album art for Coven’s Witchcraft album.

This has been Today in Rock History! Keep on Rocking, keep on Rolling! Check back tomorrow for your next rock history lesson!