Today in Rock History – June 7

Are you ready to learn some stuff? It’s June 7th and here’s what happened Today in Rock History!

Starting off strong with birthdays as it’s Prince’s birthday today! Also on this day in 1993, on his 35th birthday, Prince becomes “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” after he changed his name to the iconic logo we know him for.

Other birthdays include Eric Kretz of Stone Temple Pilots and Dave Narvarro of Jane’s Addiction!

Moving onto releases now, we have Get Behind Me Satan from The White Stripes, Sonic Nurse by Sonic Youth and Hot Fuss by The Killers. Alright! Play the song!

We also got the fantastic Squaring the Circle documentary telling the story of Hipgnosis, the album art design studio that helped create so many great album covers for groups like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Its on Netflix now, so go check it out!

Oh and a film celebrating New York’s finest first responders ever was released.

In 1993, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame breaks ground for their museum in Cleveland, OH. Ya know what? Screw it! Double Prince

In 2010, Joe Walsh of the Eagles was granted a restraining order after his elderly neighbor allegedly threatened Walsh’s life.

In 1995, Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood was admitted to the hospital after he discovered his ear was bleeding. Doctors said it was due to his arm movement when playing his guitar. Probably from playing this song against his will. Thanks record label

In 2008, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin surprises audience members at a Foo Fighters show at Wembley Stadium to jam with Foo.

And finally in 1977, during Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee celebration, the Sex Pistols hold a party aboard a boat in the Thames. The boat, called The Queen Elizabeth, held the band, friends, a film crew and journalists. When the boat floated by the House of Parliament, the band started up their amps and performed. The stunt was to promote their new single God Save the Queen. Once they were done, the group was promptly met by the police.

This has been Today in Rock History! Keep on Rocking, keep on Rolling! Check back tomorrow for your next rock history lesson!