Falling In Reverse Release Country Song Featuring Jelly Roll

If you’ve been off the internet today, well you may have missed the absolute insanity of the new Falling In Reverse song the band just released! Titled All My Life, the song is a country styled rock song featuring Jelly Roll and it will be featured on the band’s upcoming Popular Monster album. The song, unsurprisingly, has been met with a very mixed reaction.

It’s not surprising that people are split on how to feel about it, as I said, but the video is a very fun time. Featuring Ronnie Radke and Jelly Roll going full on, old school western with it, the video still has those Falling In Reverse flourishes we’d come to expect. Quick pace, comedy, social commentary, silly characters and effects, line dancing and a GIANT JELLY ROLL! Pure insanity. With the line dancing though, does that mean people are going to line dancing in the pit at future Falling In Reverse shows?

The song does capture elements of the modern country song (repetitive vocals and guitar drops at the chorus), but keeps elements of what makes a Falling In Reverse song a Falling in Reverse song (heavy driving guitar sounds and hip-hop drum beats). The song will be labeled as a country song (some labeling it as YeeHawCore), but it feels more like a parody of the modern country song that it takes influence from. And it’s GREAT at it! Yee Haws and all.

What are your thoughts on the song? Is it going to be a long lasting, Falling in Reverse favorite, or just a song that will be forgotten in the next few months?