IRS Has 940K Unclaimed Tax Refunds That Are About To Expire

You may have an unclaimed chunk of change waiting for you at the Internal Revenue Service’s main office – and you’ve got less than two months to claim it.

IRS officials say they have more than 940,000 unclaimed tax returns from 2020 that total more than $1 billion. Although the amounts of the unclaimed refunds vary, the average median refund in 2020 was $930, statistics reveal.

“We want taxpayers to claim these refunds, but time is running out for people who may have overlooked or forgotten about these refunds,” says IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel. “There’s a May 17th deadline to file these returns, so taxpayers should start soon to make sure they don’t miss out.”

Have you ever “forgotten” you had a refund coming to you? Thanks, Killabrew