Kirk Hammett on the Current Dynamic in Metallica

The state of Metallica has never been stronger, according to guitarist Kirk Hammett.

He told ‘American Songwriter,’ “I’ve never said this before, but it feels right saying it: It’s a musical love affair among the four of us and the music that we’re making. It brings out the love among the four of us. It’s an incredibly bonding thing. It’s really powerful. It goes beyond us.”

Hammett added, “Metallica has become bigger than we as individuals will ever be able to become. It’s crazy. All we can do now is maintain it and persevere towards it, respect it, and just try and guide it. It’s a bigger thing than us now.”

He continued, “That’s a blessing, and at the same time, it’s hard to contend with. There are no rule books or anything. So we’re just going to continue what we’re doing because what we’re doing seems to be working.”

What other younger bands have the potential of becoming as big as Metallica? Thanks, Killabrew.