Draiman Weighs In On AI In Rock

Disturbed singer David Draiman isn’t all that worried about AI in rock music.

In a new interview, the Disturbed singer talked about people using an AI music generator as a tool to create songs based on algorithms and machine learning models.

Draiman said, “I think AI is gonna be a lot more successful at coming up with pop- and EDM-style stuff than it will with even adult contemporary kind of things, I mean, in extension to rock. Because there is some science to song structure, there’s some science in terms of what notes resonate within the human mind more than others, but there is no science to determining that mystical combination of notes that, for whatever reason, this melodic pattern hits you here.”

Draiman went on to say, “You can’t teach an artificial intelligence that; it can’t learn that. You either have it or you don’t. And so for that reason, I do believe that I still have a lot of faith in the future. But, yeah, the less organic things become, the more wary I become.”

Have you used AI at all yet? For what? How did it work? Thanks, Killabrew