Mike Mushok Talks Mental Health

Staind guitarist Mike Mushok is advocating for people to take care of their mental health.

In a new interview, Mushok said mental illness is something that needs to be dealt with head-on.

He explained, “I feel like there’s a greater emphasis on just even mental health and people being aware of [issues surrounding our emotional, psychological, and social well-being]. And I think that’s great. I mean, you start to hear all these PSAs about, ‘Listen, man, it’s okay if you go to get help or go talk to somebody.’ And, listen, hopefully people take advantage of that, because we all go through it, right?”

He also went on to address the fact that musicians suffer from mental-health issues at an alarming rate, saying, “And I’ll tell you the other thing. I’m gonna pigeonhole vocalists. All you’ve gotta do is look at Chris [Cornell], look at Chester [Bennington], look at Scott [Weiland], these guys that are great and at the top of the game, they’ve gone through a lot of stuff in their life, man. And sometimes they don’t deal with it, or they try to, and it’s just so sad. These are, like, my favorite artists.”

What profession is the hardest to deal with mentally? Thanks, Killabrew.