Chad Kroeger Is Over It

Chad Kroger says he knows people are making fun of Nickelback, and he’s done talking about it.

The band was at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday for the world premiere of their new documentary, “Nickelback: Hate to Love.”

When asked why he was initially reluctant to address the negativity surrounding the band, Kroger took the reporters mic and said, “If somebody stuck that thing in your face every single day and said, ‘The whole world hates you like this, the whole world hates you. What do you have to say about that?’ Every single day. Every day. Would there be reluctance on your behalf to talk about it? [Would] you get pissed off? [Would] you be over it after a while? I’m over it.”

Are you a Nickelback hater? Why? Will you see the documentary? Thanks, Killabrew