Tough To Be A Colts Fan!

(Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Sitting at the Colts game Monday night was supposed to be enjoyable for the simple fact that sporting events are amazing!  I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be in attendance, but it got me thinking.  As I looked across Lucas Oil Stadium and saw a ton of Steeler fans; why are Steeler fans more participatory than Colts fans?  I grew angry watching the Steeler fans wave their ‘terrible towels’! I became frustrated as the Colts gave away another game due to a multitude of reasons, and yet Steeler fans continued to overtake the stadium as if it was their own.  How does that happen?  We live in Indianapolis, but let an opposing team’s fan base take over our stadium, wow!

Link to Jeff Saturday’s explanation of time management.  Thanks, Killabrew.