Indianapolis Ranks High On Bed Bug Infested Cities List

For whatever reason, you don’t often see Indianapolis near the top of lists, although suburbs like Carmel and Westfield do tend to score well when it comes to raising a family or safety. However, the capitol city did just rank pretty high on a list put out by Orkin, which probably tells you that it’s not a list you really want to be on.

Turns out, Indy has bed bugs. Like, a lot of them.

In 2021, Indianapolis was number seven on the list—this year it moved up one to number six.

There were a few other Indiana cities on the list (South Bend, Fort Wayne), but at least they weren’t all in the top 10 like Ohio’s contributions.

1. Chicago
2. Philadelphia (+12)
3. New York (+9)
4. Detroit
5. Baltimore (-3)
6. Indianapolis (+1)
7. Washington, DC (-4)
8. Cleveland, OH (-2)
9. Columbus, OH (-4)
10. Cincinnati (-2)