The Happiest State Is…Definitely Not Indiana


If you live in Indiana and you’re not feeling particularly happy, well, you aren’t alone. Amerisleep recently did a study to determine the happiest states in the US, and the Hoosier state is nowhere near the top of the list.

In fact, you have to scroll down quite a bit. You can find us—and several other Midwestern states—near the end. Indiana came in at #38, followed closely by Illinois at #43, Michigan at #44 and Ohio at #46.

They looked at seven factors to determine the rankings: health, education, work-life balance, environment, safety, housing and income.

So, who scored high in those areas? North Dakota came in at number one, Vermont at number two and Nebraska (?) at number three.

…and at the very bottom of the list, just a state full of curmudgeons, you’ll find Kentucky.