Listening to Music Is the #1 Way We Relax

Photograph of a recorder in a retro style


When was the last time you really let your hair down and had some fun?  The average answer in a new poll was three weeks ago.  And the top things that prevent us from doing it are work, life admin, and our KIDS.



It also asked people to name the most common ways they kick back and relax.  And music dominated the top ten . . .



1.  Listening to music.


2.  Going out for food.


3.  A weekend trip.


4.  Comfort food.


5.  Celebrating a birthday.


6.  Going to a bar.


7.  Shopping sprees.


8.  Playing “throwback” music.  So, old songs you still love.


9.  Singing out loud.  That’s three music-related things in the top ten.


10.  Taking a vacation day or sick day.



Concerts just missed the list at #11.