How Many Hot Dogs Could You Eat in Ten Minutes?

Ever wanted to be the next Joey Chesnut?


Labor Day marked the end of “Hot Dog Season.”  That’s a real term the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council uses.  It runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  So it’s a weird time to ask this question, but okay . . .


A new survey this week asked 7,000 Americans how many hot dogs they could eat in ten minutes.  For reference, Joey Chestnut ate 76 this year.  How many could YOU eat?  The most common answer was . . . only two.


26% said one or two . . . 24% said three or four . . . 13% said five or six, and it dropped off after that.  Only 4% of Americans think they could eat more than TEN hot dogs in ten minutes.  13% said they never eat hot dogs, so zero.