A “Master Manipulator” Kidnapped His Ex-Wife . . . So He Could Pretend to Save Her

Amazed couple watching tv sitting on a couch at home


Sometimes television trully does mimic reality.


A 36-year-old man from Georgia named Rodney Metzer was just sentenced to 25 years in prison, for kidnapping his ex-wife, just so he could PRETEND to save her.



He broke into her home back on January 1st.  He hid who he was by wearing a mask and disguising his voice.  He roughed her up . . . zip-tied her hands . . . put a pillowcase over her head . . . dragged her outside . . . and left her there.



Then he went home . . . changed his clothes . . . and returned to the ex’s house, where she was still tied up.  That’s when he “saved” her.



The cops weren’t fully buying Rodney’s story . . . and they later discovered surveillance footage of him leaving a store with zip ties in his hands.  His computer also showed searches for things like “how long before you starve to death.”



The prosecutors called Rodney a “master manipulator.”  Before this plan, he had tried to win her back by faking a CANCER DIAGNOSIS, but that didn’t work either.



(NY Post)