This Indiana College’s Mascot Was Voted The Creepiest

Am I bitter that UIndy didn’t get a live mascot until after I left? 100% yes. I would have LOVED seeing a real-life greyhound roaming the campus and stopping for some pets.

When it comes to mascots, everyone loves a dog. But, apparently they don’t love a random dude. This is according to a new survey done by Quality Logo Products. They surveyed over 1,000 people and asked them to rank 128 mascots from NCAA Divison 1 football teams in multiple categories.

Once such category was Creepiest Mascot, and congratulations to Purdue Pete because he topped that list. The Boilermakers’ mascot also made it on the Worst Mascots list. Apparently this is no secret to Purdue—a former athletic director said he used to get calls from parents stating their children were afraid of Pete.

There was also a category for sexiest mascots, which was topped by a wildcat and a mule, so there’s that.