Ten Snacks from the ’90s You Can Still Buy on Amazon


I am a sucker for marketing. You repackage something I have had a 100 times and I will buy it again. I had no idea Golden Grahams changed their formula.


A friend of mine bought Blueberry Oreos online and said that you can find all kinds of stuff from back in the day that are still made.  Here are ten nostalgic snacks from the ’90s that you can still buy on Amazon . . .


1.  Dunkaroos.  They disappeared in 2012, but now they’re back.


2.  Ring Pops.  You can get 20 of them for $7.  (One for each finger AND each toe.)


3.  AirHeads.  Earlier this month, the company that makes them tried to remind people they still exist by offering up a chicken sandwich with a bun MADE of AirHeads for National Fried Chicken Day.


4.  Little Hug Fruit Barrels.  Those little grenade-shaped juices that were 100% sugar.


5.  Big League Chew.  The shredded bubbled gum that looks like chewing tobacco.


6.  Pop Rocks.  Your friends said eating them with soda would make your stomach explode, but it wasn’t true.


7.  Warheads.  The candies that were so sour they’d peel a layer of your tongue off.


8.  Pixy Stix.  The powdered candy that came in a straw.


9.  Gushers.  Technically, they’re “Fruit Gushers,” but most people just said Gushers.


10.  Fun Dip.  With sticks made of sugar that you dip into more sugar.


What is one food that has gone away that you would bring back?