How Many Email Addresses Have You Had in Your Life?

I still have my first AOL email. It is my dumping ground for coupons and crap.  Unfortunately my “,” has gone away.


A recent poll asked people how many email addresses they’ve had in their lives . . . and the most common response was TWO, with 19% of the vote.  18% of people have had three.



71% have had between one and five, and 7% have had more than 10.  The age group that had the FEWEST email addresses was people 55 and older.



Another poll asked people how many unread emails they have in their PERSONAL email inbox, and it sounds like most people keep on top of that.  23% of people only have between one and 10 unread emails.



14% have ZERO . . . and 8% have “more than 1,000.”



(YouGov / YouGov)