What Would You Do for an Extra Two-Week Vacation Right Now?

Island of Paradise. White sand beaches with coco-tree and crystal blue water. Maldives. Luxury holidays. High contrast.


This is an interesting idea. I would have to put some real thought into it. I think it might depend on the destination.


Dan Aykroyd’s liquor brand Crystal Head Vodka did a poll to find out which drinks we’re more likely to order when we’re on vacation.



At home, we’re more likely to choose easy-to-make drinks, like gin and tonics or vodka cranberries.  At parties, we prefer fancy drinks like a martini or old fashioned.  And on vacation, we’re more likely to drink daiquiris, tequila sunrises, and Moscow mules.



They also asked people what they’d do for an extra two-week vacation that they could go on immediately.  Here’s what people said . . .



1.  Would you take a bath in ice-cold water?  45% said yes.



2.  Work every weekend for the next year?  43% said yes.  (If you’re talking Saturday AND Sunday, that’s around 100 extra days of work for 10 days off.)



3.  Not celebrate any holidays for a year?  38% claim they’d do it.



4.  Take a 10% pay cut?  37% said yes.  If you’re on salary, two weeks’ pay only represents around 4% of what you make in a year.



5.  Give up your favorite food?  36% said they’d do it.



30% would also cancel Netflix . . . 27% would give up social media for a year . . . and 17% would post their worst selfie online.