One in Six Americans Love to Gamble

I sports gamble, but I suck at cards and slots.  I know people love to roll the dice and take their chances. Actually,

We expected this number to be higher . . . and if we’d bet money on it, we would have lost.  A new worldwide survey asked people if they enjoy GAMBLING.  And only 16% of Americans said they “REALLY enjoy” it.  That’s about one in six people.



16% is five points lower than the global average of 21%.  But South Africa may have skewed that stat a bit.  56% of people in South Africa said they love to gamble.  Portugal was next at 31%.



It also asked gamblers to name the most important aspect of placing a bet.  And the top answer was having FUN with it.  Knowing the odds is only the second most important thing we consider.  Having a “hunch or feeling” about it is a close third.