Two People Switch Seats While Being Pulled Over, and Both Get DUIs

Hand in jail


A cop near Minneapolis recently saw a car roll through a stop light, and pulled it over.  But the guy behind the wheel didn’t stop right away.



It turned out he was drunk.  So he got his passenger to switch seats with him.



The police report says they started to slow down but didn’t stop.  And the cop could clearly see them swapping seats.



So it was a dumb thing to do . . . especially because the passenger was ALSO drunk.



Both of them had bloodshot eyes and failed a breathalyzer.  He was three times the legal limit, and she was twice the legal limit.  So, less drunk . . . but still very drunk.



And because the car was in motion when they switched seats, they BOTH got arrested for drunk driving.



It’s not clear if she’s had any DUIs before, but it’s the guy’s fourth in ten years.  So this one’s a felony.



(CBS Minnesota)