A Guy’s Junk Broke Vertically During Sex, and It’s a Medical First

Mid adult male doctor holding digital tablet with colleague and receptionist standing in background


hen something’s wrong with your junk, the last thing you want to hear from a doctor is, “Never seen THIS before.”  But it happened to a guy in the U.K. recently . . . and it turned out no doctor ANYWHERE had ever seen it.



A new medical paper just came out about the first VERTICAL PENILE FRACTURE that’s ever been documented.



Last year, a 40-year-old guy was in the middle of getting-it-on when his junk got bent and BROKE.  But it happened in a way doctors had never seen before.



He showed up at a hospital in a lot of pain, we assume.  And an MRI found that instead of breaking horizontally, it broke vertically.



About halfway up his junk, he had a vertical tear that was just over an inch long.  And they had to do surgery to stop the bleeding.



His doctors weren’t sure how bad the recovery would be, because they’d never seen it before.  But it turned out to be easier to repair than a normal penile fracture.



He made a full recovery, and was able to resume sexual activity about six months later.