Celebrate America’s Birthday . . . With a 1,776-Pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon

mug of beer in a bar


If you want to celebrate the Fourth of July extra hard this year to make up for missing last year . . . I bet you’d like to roll up to a party with THIS.



Pabst Blue Ribbon has created giant, 1,776-packs of PBR.  Yes, 1,776 beers in a single box.  It’s unclear what the dimensions are, but they look like they’d take up the entire bed of a pickup truck.



1,776 cans is a LOT of beer.  For context, that’s the equivalent of 148 12-packs . . . or more than 10.5 kegs.



PBR said, quote, “[It’s] the best way to honor the year America claimed its independence . . . 1,776.  It’s the least we could do.  Actually 1,776 is the most we could do because 1,777 seemed excessive.”



Unfortunately, you can’t just pull up to the gas station and have a FORKLIFT drop one of these bad boys into your truck.  They aren’t for sale . . . at least not yet.



They only made them for FOUR “partners”:  The beer chilling company Igloo Coolers . . . the skateboarding podcast crew The Nine Club . . .  comedian Ali Macofsky . . . and the Michigan emo band Hot Mulligan.



All four of them will document their progress making it through the 1,776-packs online.  They have until Labor Day to finish them.

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