A Study Found the Best Way to Ask for a Prenup Is . . . Don’t Call It a Prenup

Man telling an astonished woman a gossip


Nothing says romance like protecting what you have.


Once you’re married, you might find you have to sugar-coat stuff, or beat around the bush to protect the other person’s feelings.  So why not start your marriage off like that too . . .



A new study looked at various ways people ask for prenuptial agreements . . . and found the best way to do it is to AVOID the word “prenup.”



Researchers at North Carolina State looked at 586 different discussion threads on Reddit to see what swayed people’s opinion about prenups.



They went through more than 26,000 comments, and put each person in one of two categories:  People who thought prenups were good, and people who didn’t.



And they found that the best way to convince someone a prenup is a good idea is to use METAPHORS or compare it to something else.



A lot of people compared them to an insurance policy.  Like one person who said that, quote, “Nobody plans on crashing their car, getting cancer, or having their house burn down.  But they still get car, health, and home insurance.”



Other people had success by calling it a marriage “contract” instead of a prenup.



And several people compared prenups to airbags . . . because no one thinks buying a car with airbags jinxes you, or makes you more likely to crash.

(NCSU / Study Finds)