Billboard Says These Are The Top Three Mainstream Rock Songs Of All Time

by jennaraeradio

Billboard recently decided they didn’t have enough charts, so they created a couple of new ones. One of them measures the top mainstream rock songs of all time.

If you don’t have a paid membership, you can’t see the full list, and you can’t see the criteria. But thanks to Loudwire, we know what the top three songs are. I MIGHT have eventually guessed number two, but the other two, probably never.

Number three was actually my favorite song when I was a kid—U2’s “Mysterious Ways”. It hit number one in 1991 and stayed on the chart for 30 weeks.

Stone Temple Pilots’ “Interstate Love Song” came it at number two. It was released in 1994 and was the top song for 15 weeks.

And at number one is a little band (you may have forgotten about) called Days of the New. Did you guess that? “Touch, Peel and Stand” is the top mainstream rock song of all time. ALL TIME. I’m not saying it’s a bad song…but the top one of all time?

It came out at the end of 1997 and was a number one single for 16 straight weeks.