Someone Called Their Neighbor the “B-Word” by Mowing It Into Their Lawn so Satellites Could See


There are times when you don’t always draw the perfect neighbor. Sometimes people just don’t get along.


Imagine hating a neighbor so much that you’d make a sign about them so big ALIENS could see it . . .



Someone was looking at satellite images on Google Maps, and found a plot of land in Salt Lake City where someone mowed a rude word into a big patch of grass.



They spelled out the B-WORD on an empty plot of land behind someone’s property.  And they added a giant arrow pointing directly at that house, just to be clear who they were talking about.




It’s also not clear what the person’s beef was, or if it was a neighbor at all.  It could have also been an angry ex . . . or even just some kid they underpaid to mow the grass.



(LAD Bible)