The Perfect Burger Comes with a Thick Patty, Sesame Seed Bun, and Bacon



70% of Americans are confident they can cook a good burger.  But what goes ON your burger might matter even more.  78% of people say the toppings can make or break a burger.  And one in three think it’s the MOST important part.



Someone polled people in all 50 states to find out what the “perfect” burger looks like.  Here are the results . . .



1.  America’s favorite burger toppings in order are:  Cheese, bacon, lettuce, raw onions, and tomatoes in fifth place.  No mention of pickles.



2.  46% also said their perfect burger would need to have ketchup.  And 43% said the same about mayo.  Fewer people like mustard.



3.  What’s our favorite type of cheese?  A third said American goes best on a burger.



4.  What about the bun?  Sesame-seed ranked first with 24% of the vote.



5.  Seven out of 10 people said the perfect burger would also need to come with a side of fries.  And this might be controversial, but POTATO WEDGES were voted the best type of fry to pair with a burger.



The survey also asked people if they think their state is known for its burgers.  The states that top the list in burger pride are:  Alaska, Illinois, New York, Texas, and Georgia.