Apple Can Be Sued for Telling People They Can “Buy” Movies and TV Shows

LONDON – DECEMBER 27: (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)


For all of us who sold off or pitched DVDs to have a digital library, maybe we shouldn’t have done that. This kind of sucks.


When you “buy” a movie, TV show, or other content from providers like iTunes or Amazon Prime, you don’t actually own it.  It can just disappear on you without warning . . . like if the provider loses the license to it.



There’s a class-action lawsuit in the courts right now contending that it’s misleading for iTunes to say you “bought” something when they can take it away from you at any time.



Apple tried to get it dismissed by saying it’s unreasonable for a consumer to, quote, “believe that purchased content would remain on the iTunes platform indefinitely.”



But the judge slapped them down because of, you know, the definition of the word “buy”.  It’ll be interesting to see how this lawsuit shakes out, and if it changes the way we “buy” digital content going forward.



And by the way, Amazon is facing a similar lawsuit over Prime Video.

(Hollywood Reporter)