If Brands Used Brutally Honest Slogans, What Would They Be?


Let’s pretend that brands got rid of their current one for something more brutally honest. What should they go with?

This was all over Reddit. Here are some of the best responses we’ve seen . . .



1.  Hot Pockets:  Every bite is a different temperature.


2.  Taco Bell: You can make 32 different things with these five ingredients.


3.  Altoids:  They come with a free box you’ll put junk in.


4.  IKEA:  Come for the meatballs.  Stay because you can’t find your way out.


5.  YouTube:  Where the world watches ads now.


6.  Q-Tips:  From a liability standpoint, we have to say don’t stick them in your ears.  But we’re not your mother, so do what you want.


7.  Internet Explorer:  A great browser for downloading Chrome.


8.  Ramen Noodles:  You get paid in a few days.


9.  Facebook:  Making it easier to stalk people since 2004.


10.  The Yellow Pages:  Here, throw this away.