TGI Fridays Is Now Selling Carnival Food . . . Like Donut Burgers and Drinks with Cotton Candy on Top

donuts with powdered sugar as a background


The guy at the carnival that began deep frying anything years ago must be incredibly proud of this legacy. Or at least his family should be. Who wouldn’t want deep fried stuff all the time?



TGI Fridays is going all in on . . . something . . . because they just announced they’re selling a brand new menu full of carnival food.  We’re talking . . .

cheese, frei


1.  A hot chicken sandwich and a burger, both of which come on a DONUT for a bun.


2.  A sandwich that’s mozzarella sticks in between two pieces of bread.


3.  Cheese fries by the pound.


4.  And a Cosmopolitan with cotton candy on top.


Life is fleeting and we’ve all got to go sometime, right?