Your AirPods Might Create a Ball of Fungus in Your Ear Canals

LONDON – DECEMBER 27: People are seen behind the Apple logo  (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)


You know those things that you don’t want to see, but can’t look away? This is one.


A doctor named Sina Joorabchi from Pembroke Pines, Florida posted a TikTok video recently where he shows the danger of wearing your AirPods too much.  And the video has more than 36 million views.



In the video, which is FOUL, . . you see a close-up of him pulling a ball of EARWAX and FUNGUS out of someone’s ear.

He says it’s from a condition called otomycosis, which is a fungal infection in your ears.  It happens when you trap warm moisture in your ears . . . which can happen with AirPods or anything else you put in your ears.



The biggest risk comes from wearing earplugs, but you can get it if you wear headphones in your ears for too long . . . especially when it’s humid outside.



If you do have otomycosis, the first step is to have the fungus ball get pulled out of your ear.  From there, you use prescription ear drops for a few weeks.