It’s So Cold That . . .


It’s so cold that . . .



1.  A guy in Midland Park, New Jersey set his lawn on fire to try to melt the snow and ice.  The fire department had to put it out . . . then a hazmat unit had to clean up the gasoline.



2.  People in Texas have been sharing social media photos of INSANE things . . . like an indoor fish tank freezing over, a ceiling fan with icicles, a cactus covered in ice, and a laptop that split in half because of the cold.



3.  A woman in North Dakota took boiling hot ramen noodles outside . . . and watched them freeze on her chopsticks.

4.  Ranchers everywhere from Arkansas to Montana have to figure out ways to keep their calves’ heads warm so their ears don’t get frostbite and fall off.



And some small farms are even bringing their animals indoors.


And here in Indy, it is cold enough to hurt while shovelling one’s driveway for the 18th time.