A Man Put a Ring on His Junk to Prep for Valentine’s Day . . . and Needed Emergency Surgery to Remove It

Surgeon and surgical tools closeup


Some people take Valentine’s Day too seriously. This guy is clearly one of those people.



There’s a guy in Bangkok, Thailand who was really excited about his Valentine’s date with his girlfriend, and he was planning to BRING THE THUNDER in bed.



So on Friday, he grabbed a steel nut out of his toolbox . . . and slipped it over his junk.  He said he heard that rings could help make things bigger and stronger down there.



But the nut got stuck.  And by Saturday afternoon, when things down there were painful and swollen, he was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.


The doctors were able to cut off the nut with a power tool.  And they had some serious skills, because they got the nut off without even nicking the guy’s junk . . . and they say he’ll make a full recovery within a few weeks.



But sadly, he didn’t get to go on his Valentine’s date.



(The Sun