One in Three People Have Stolen a Coworker’s Food . . . Plus, the States That Do It the Most


I admit, I am guilty of condement theft, but I leave people’s food alone.


A new survey found one in three people have STOLEN a coworker’s food before.  And a lot of those thieves must be repeat offenders, because 47% of us have HAD something stolen.  Here are some more stats from the survey. . .



1.  Drinks are the #1 thing people will help themselves to.  The most stolen beverages at work are sodas, special coffees, and energy drinks like Red Bull.



2.  If you order a whole pizza at work, guard it with your life.  One in six people think it’s fine to take a piece without asking.  Especially if you leave it out in a common area.



3.  One in 17 people said they’ll even steal food right out of a coworker’s lunchbox or bag if it’s unguarded.



4.  The states with the most people who admit to stealing food at work are:  Alaska . . . Louisiana . . . Indiana . . . Kansas . . . and Arkansas.



5.  The states where people are least likely to admit to it are:  Minnesota . . . Mississippi . . . North Dakota . . . Oregon . . . Rhode Island . . . and Vermont.