A Guy with a “Not Drunk” Bumper Sticker Backs into a Cop Car While Drinking Busch Light

Having a, “road pop,” is never a good idea. It is even less of a good idea, in plain sight, in front of a cop.


A guy near Portland, Oregon named Jeffrey Cannon was driving on Saturday, doing 90 miles an hour when he sped past a cop.  It turned out he’d been drinking.


And on the back of his Volkswagen Jetta, there was a large bumper sticker that said, “Not Drunk . . . Avoiding Potholes.”   


The cop ended up getting a pretty good look at the bumper sticker.  Because after he pulled Jeff over, his Jetta slowly drifted backward for 25 feet, and didn’t stop until it hit the cop car.



When they asked why he backed up, he didn’t even know it had happened.  And around then, the cop spotted an open can of Busch Light in his cupholder.



He also had a gun in his car with no serial number.  They found more beer cans and a bag of cocaine in his center console.  And he was driving on a suspended license.



A breathalyzer showed he was almost three times the legal limit.  He’s facing multiple charges.  (KRON4)