Greenfield Man Builds A Bad Ass ‘Baby Yoda’ Out Of Snow

The Force is strong with Rick Horton in Greenfield!

He carved  a five-foot-tall sculpture of “Grogu” — better known as “Baby Yoda” — outside his home south of downtown.

He does this every year and started back in December, asking people on Facebook for ideas on what he should make.

One idea was Baby Yoda from “The Mandalorian” and he started sketching out his plan..

When we finally got snow on Jan. 31, he was ready. Horton started by building a five-foot pillar of snow, then got to carving.

He said it was not easy and had to start over 5 times.


Even with the bitter cold over the weekend, Horton had to put up a shield to protect his work from melting in the sun.

Horton is no stranger to this type of bad ass snow art.

In 2019, he carved two bigger-than-life bald eagles.

If you want to check out Horton’s work in person, it’s located on SR 9 (State Street) in Greenfield, a few blocks south of U.S. 40 (Main Street).

Considering the current polar vortex, it looks like Baby Yoda will be sticking around for awhile