A Woman Sends a Note to a Jail Giving It Four-and-a-Half Stars for Her Stay

Hand in jail


I am pretty sure fresh towels and a free breakfast do not come standard, but it was nice of her to leave a few kind words.


There’s a woman who was arrested and spent several days in jail in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada last week.  We don’t know what she was arrested for or exactly how many days she was there . . . but we know she didn’t MIND it.


Because the woman just sent a homemade THANK YOU CARD to the jail.


Quote, “I was nervous about staying with you guys during my trip . . . but I wanted to let you know that I appreciated how helpful and kind everyone was, especially the four jailers who do a tough job and are often underappreciated.”


And at the end of the card, she wrote, quote, “four-and-a-half stars.”


A spokesperson for the jail says they were, quote, “very impressed and happy with our review.”  (CTV