A Three-Person Relationship in Seattle Features a Fairy Princess, Leprechaun, and Troll

Regreis tough. You only get one life and you should live it! I may not h had sex with a leprechaun.  And this woman gets to do it every night.  While a troll watches.  Some people have all the luck.



There’s a three-person couple . . . or “throuple” . . . in Seattle that features three people who say they identify as mythical creatures:  Lolly the fairy princess . . . Gunther the troll . . . and Ion the leprechaun.



This relationship started with the princess and the leprechaun . . . but they met the 6-foot-9 troll at a live-action role-playing festival and brought him into their relationship.



During the day, the princess and troll work together on a business, and the leprechaun goes to his job.  Then at night, they hang out until they all sleep in their own bedrooms.  There’s no word on what their sex life is like.



Oh . . . and all three of them have already gotten Covid.  They blame it on a trip to the dentist.



They say they’re happy with their three-person relationship, but they would take in another female mythical creature.  Princess Lolly says she’d have to be, quote, “A fairy or a very adventurous healing sort.”



(New York Post