Police Bust Up a Swingers Party . . . And Get Mistaken for the Strippers

detail of a police officer


About 20 couples in Mar del Plata, Argentina got together at a farm over the weekend for an underground SWINGERS PARTY.  But they didn’t have permission to hold a party with that many people during the pandemic, so the cops came.


And when the cops got there . . . the people at the party thought they were the STRIPPERS.


One of the cops says a woman pulled him aside and whispered, quote, “Look at your eyes.  You’re getting me hot.”


Mistaking a cop for a stripper. Not anything new lol. I saw something similar in a movie once…..


All of the people at the party got citations for violating Covid protocols . . . and the owner of the farm will be looking at a fine.


So how did the cops find out about the party?  The three people who were organizing it got into a fight during the planning, and two of them decided to leave the other one out . . . so that person ratted them out to the cops.



(Infobae / Buenos Aires Times)