Cops Find a Drunk Driver “Snoring Loudly” While Parked in a McDonald’s Drive-Thru

SAN FRANCISCO – FEBRUARY 09: A sign stands outside of a McDonald’s restaurant . (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


I have seen something like this go down in real life. If you pass out in the drive thru at 2AM, it never ends well.


Cops recently showed up at a McDonald’s in Vero Beach, Florida around four in the morning after someone reported a “suspicious vehicle.”


It turned out a 28-year-old guy had PARKED his truck in the drive-thru lane, and passed out.  And when they found him, he was snoring so loud, they even mentioned it in the police report.


His keys were still in the ignition but the engine was off.  And they could smell alcohol on his breath.


He could barely walk and failed a sobriety test.  He eventually admitted he drank six to eight beers at a bonfire, and had a bunch of rum runner tiki drinks.


He’s facing charges for drunk driving and driving on a suspended license.


(TC Palm)

Not the same guy, but I bet it went down like this..