A Guy Kicks in a Former Coworker’s Door for Not Accepting His Facebook Friend Request

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We have probably all seen the comercial where the guy drives to someone’s house to let them know he liked a post..


There’s a 29-year-old guy named Caleb Burczyk in Williston, North Dakota.  Caleb used to work at an oil well maintenance company with a 39-year-old guy named Robert Thomas, but Caleb was laid off.



So last month, he sent a Facebook friend request to Robert, but Robert didn’t accept it.  Caleb started sending Facebook messages to Robert telling him to accept . . . including one that said, quote, “Accept my friend request or I’m going to murder you.”



And the day after Christmas, Caleb went to Robert’s house . . . and KICKED IN the front door.



One of Robert’s family members called 911, and Caleb was arrested for burglary and terrorizing.

(The Smoking Gun