Here’s the Most Popular Christmas Dessert in Every State

Pumpkin pie in cast iron skillet on gray background viewed from above


Pudding? That is the go to dessert for Hoosiers according to this. I am a cheesecake and every cookie in sight kind of guy.

A new study figured out what Christmas dessert is the most disproportionately popular in every state.  The results are based on which Christmas dessert people in a state are searching for on Google way more than people in the average state.



The most common result is . . . cheesecake.  There are nine states searching for it way more than the others.  There are also two states that love specific cheesecake:  Gingerbread cheesecake in Pennsylvania and Oreo cheesecake in Hawaii.



Pudding won four states . . . and fruitcake managed to get two, North and South Carolina.



So what are the strangest picks?  In Washington, the most popular Christmas dessert is Skittles . . . and in Missouri, it’s vegan Christmas cookies.