A Couple Gets Busted When They Stop to Get-It-On Next to the Road in Broad Daylight

Close-up Of Male Judge In Front Of Mallet Holding Documents


I get it, there is something to be said for being bold. This sounds like a bad porno script, but it is as real life as real life gets.


A 39-year-old woman named Amber Gormley and her 30-year-old boyfriend Shawn McClelland were driving in Largo, Florida on Saturday afternoon when, apparently, the moment struck.


So they pulled over to the side of the road . . . got out of the car . . . and started getting-it-on right there.  At 2:45 P.M.  In broad daylight.  Next to a busy road with lots of cars driving by.


The cops say they got calls from, quote, “many drivers” about what was happening.


And Amber and Shawn were both arrested for felony lewd and lascivious exhibition.


Both of them had criminal records . . . Amber for everything from theft to drug possession to obstruction, and Shawn for shoplifting kitty litter and peppermint tea from Walmart.



(The Smoking Gun