Don’t Put Down Your Phone: Using It During Events Makes You Enjoy Them More, Not Less

Close up of a man using mobile smart phone


We have all been somewhere that everyone is on their phone. We might think they are missing out, but I guess we are all wrong!


Believe it or not, a new study by Rutgers University and New York University found that staring at your phone during events makes you enjoy them MORE, not less.


Their study included people who did and didn’t use their phones during things like the Super Bowl, holiday parties, bus tours, and watching movies.


And they found the people who were on their phones felt more IMMERSED and ENGAGED . . . and had more fun . . . than people who didn’t use their phone.


The researchers say the key, though, is to use your phone to engage with the event . . . like posting about it on social media or taking pictures.


If you’re just using your phone to zone out, then you won’t enjoy the experience as much.


(Fast Company)