Employees At Old Folks Home Encourages Residents To Fight

A mature man caregiver with stethoscope and old patient looking out through window.


I guess there is a fight club. I had no idea it was for the elderly.

Three employees at a senior living home in North Carolina are facing charges for encouraging two residents to fight each other.  Both residents are in their 70s, and now one of them is suing.

According to court documents, Forsyth County prosecutors allege that the three women encouraged Moore and a 71-year-old resident to fight each other. The lawsuit alleges that the three women shared the videos with other people, some of whom posted one of the videos to YouTube. According to a search warrant, Jordan recorded the fight and shared it with others. Tyson recorded a second incident in which McKey is alleged to have pushed Moore into her room. That video was also shared, the search warrant said.


After the incident, the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services barred Danby House from admitting new residents because of numerous patient-care deficiencies. The deficiencies, laid out in documents filed last year, said that employees were not properly trained and that they failed to administer medications to residents as prescribed by a doctor. NCDHHS also found evidence that employees allowed, and in some cases encouraged, the residents to fight. The employees videotaped some of the fights because they didn’t like one of the residents involved.

The lawsuit is seeking at least $25,000 in compensatory damages and an unknown amount of punitive damages.