A Drunk Driver with No Arms or Legs Crashes into a Cop Car


I have no idea how happy this guy is about life. I certanly understand the need to drink. I am not evern sure how he could even drive though.

22-year-old Dayton Webber was driving in Mechanicsville, Maryland this month, and crashed his truck around two in the morning.  (Mechanicsville is about 40 miles south of D.C.)


He plowed into a COP CAR, and then hit a building.  And luckily no one was hurt.  And the fact that he’d been drinking obviously played a big role.


But this didn’t help either:  He happens to have NO ARMS OR LEGS.


We assume his truck must have some sort of device that helps him drive.  But he won’t be doing it again anytime soon.

He’s facing charges for drunk driving, negligent driving, reckless driving, and fleeing the scene of an accident.