A KFC Customer Demands a Refund, Gets His Money Back, and Then Does a Drive-By Shooting

I get there are mistakes made at fast food joints all the time. This guy took things to a whole new extreme.

Some psycho in a semi-truck showed up at a KFC drive-thru in Memphis on Saturday.  And they got his order wrong.



So he went back . . . walked up to the window . . . demanded a refund . . . and they gave him his money back.  Problem solved, right?


Guess not, because as he was leaving the parking lot, he decided to do a drive-by SHOOTING.


As he was driving off, he fired several shots into the restaurant while people were inside eating.


One bullet shattered a window, and a few more made it through the outside wall.  But luckily no one was hurt.


A security camera got a decent shot of his face, but police are still looking for him.