Police Track Down a Taco Bell Burglar . . . And Find He’s Already in Jail for Robbing a Different Taco Bell


Some of us run for the border at breakfast. Some for fourth meal. Others because they are not legal citizens. Sorry not that border here. This guy was clearly a criminal with a pattern.


The police in South Strabane Township, Pennsylvania recently tracked down a burglar who broke into a Taco Bell in the middle of the night and stole $300 from the register.  They found him thanks to a shot of his license plate on a security camera.



When they ran his name, they found this isn’t the first Taco Bell he’s broken in to.  No, this guy has been arrested for breaking into at least THIRTY other Taco Bells in Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio.


He’s a 30-year-old named Joshua Logue from Columbus, Ohio.  And when the cops put out the warrant for his arrest last week, he was easy to track down.


He was in jail in Indiana . . . for breaking into a Taco Bell.


He’s facing multiple felony charges for his most recent Taco Bell break-ins.