Twitter Users Come For Tony Dungy After Dak Prescott Comment

Tony Dungy
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

If you were watching football on Sunday, you probably saw Dak Prescott’s gnarly ankle injury. You might have also seen him get carted off the field with tears in his eyes.

Well, shortly after that happened, Tony Dungy made the following comment on national TV according to the New York Post:

“As tough as this is for Dak Prescott, it might be a blessing in disguise for the Cowboys. They’ve got a good, veteran quarterback that can make some plays that might cause them to get back to their old formula, lean back to the running game, lean back to Ezekiel Elliott, help the defense out by controlling the ball. You still got wide receivers and Andy Dalton is going to make some plays with those receivers.”

We’ve all had a whoopsie moment at least once in our lives, and this was definitely one for Dungy. Many fans took to Twitter to share their disbelief and stick up for Dak and Dallas.

Tony eventually clarified what he meant on his own account, saying he of course was not referring to the injury as a blessing and that he feels terrible for Dak.