In The Know Jeweler Exposes Cheating Husband


Vicious she was, but you gotta be careful when it comes to cheating. Especially in the digital world in which we live in!

When a cheating husband went to the jewelry store to buy a gift for both his wife and his girlfriend, the clerk helping him decided to expose him in the best way possible.

On Oct. 3, that clerk — Zoe Roe — posted a video to TikTok explaining how she alerted the man’s wife and girlfriend to his antics.


“So I work at a jewelry store and today a man came in looking for a gift for his wife for their ten-year anniversary,” Roe explained. “He ended up picking out a piece that said ‘my beautiful wife’ and I said, ‘Anything else for you today?’ and he said, ‘No that’s it for her, but I do wanna make another purchase using a separate credit card and could you possibly create a different account for me?’”

There was just one issue: Roe “accidentally” mixed the bags up.

“I just remembered that his wife’s name is Laura and his girlfriend’s name is Kristin,” Roe said with a smirk. “I must have mixed up the bags. Oops.”

Roe’s video, which has more than 1.8 million likes and nearly 20,000 comments, has received plenty of supportive comments from fellow females who think she did the right thing.