How the Average Person Orders Pizza in All 50 States

Hot Homemade Pepperoni Pizza Ready to Eat


Anyone ordering pizza this weekend?  I will rarely turn down the chance to eat some hot pie.  Pepperoni is usually still my go to topping. Cheese, however, seems to be the winner according to most Hoosiers

Someone got their hands on a bunch of data from Yelp, and posted the most common type of pizza we order in all 50 states.  And the winner is . . . plain old CHEESE.  Cheese pizza ranked first in 29 states.  And it’s especially popular on the East Coast.


Here are some more stats on our favorite pizza orders . . .


1.  Chicken is WAY more popular as a topping than it used to be.  “Barbecue chicken pizza” was #1 in seven states:  California . . . Colorado . . . Michigan . . . Minnesota . . . Nebraska . . . Utah . . . and Virginia.


And three other “chicken” pizzas made the list too:  “Buffalo chicken” in Delaware . . . “chicken bacon ranch” in South Dakota . . . and “grilled chicken white pizza” in Maine.


2.  Montana and Oregon are the only states where pepperoni ranked first.  But “Meat Lovers” is #1 in Louisiana, West Virginia, and Wyoming.


3.  “White pizza” is #1 in Alaska . . . “taco pizza” is #1 in Iowa . . . and “Caprese” pizza ranked first in Hawaii.  (Pronounced kuh-PRAY-zay.)


4.  That means Hawaii’s favorite type of pizza ISN’T Hawaiian.  But it did place first in three other states:  Georgia, North Dakota, and New Mexico are all down with pineapple as a pizza topping.